(02 Days - 01 Night)

DAY 1:

After picking you up at the airport, we will take you to the office for the check-in. Then, we will transfer you to the eco-lodge, about 20 km away from the city of Puerto Maldonado. A delicious fresh tropical fruit drink will await you at your arrival. After leaving your luggage in the rooms, you will be redirected to the dining room to enjoy a meal of typical local food.

Botanical Garden - Your first activity will be to visit the botanical garden. There, our guide will introduce you to the richness of the medicinal plants and explain how the indigenous people used them to cure themselves.

What to see: Medicinal plants, apes, parrots, and even toucans. Duration: 3 hours.

“Aguajal” Walk and Canopy hanging bridge – We will continue our activities with the visit of the vast “aguajal”, a great ecosystem of palm trees in a swamp area, habitat of many animals like the green parrot. Our walk will take us to the hanging bridge in the canopy. From the top of the bridge at a height of 12 meters, we will observe the rich wildlife of the rainforest such as birds, monkeys. This is also a beautiful viewpoint to witness the sunset.

Back at the eco-lodge, a comforting diner will be waiting for us.

DAY 2:

Colpa Cachuela - After a very early Departure (around 4.30AM), we will drive to a small harbour from where we will embark to “Colpa la Cachuela”. The “colpa” is a cliff made of clay where you will see several types of parrots and parakeets come to eat the clay before heading to the forest looking for seeds. After this great show of feathers and colors, we will have breakfast on the boat, enjoying the splendid landscape of the river Madre de Dios.

Lago Sandoval – Following the visit of Colpa la Cachuela, we will continue our boat trip for about an hour and 10 minutes on the river Madre de Dios, until reaching the entrance of the National Tambopata Reserve (274 000 hectares of protected area). After a 3 km walk in the Reserve and through the rainforest, we will finally arrive at Sandoval Lake. On the way, you may be able to watch birds, monkeys (cappuccinos, huasitas, howler monkey) and other mammals.

In this wonderful place, many different species live together, including the famous shanshos, herons and anhingas. While sailing on the lake and with a bit of luck, you may be able to see giant river otters and caimans. You will also enjoy the local flora: palm trees, aquatic plants, among many others.

In the middle of the day, we will take a break at a local family house where will eat a local dish, typical from the rainforest. After taking a rest, we will return to the boat and sail for another while before initiating the return to the city.


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