This Lodge was created to support  APRONIA (Asociacion de Protección del  niño y del adolescente) If you would like to get to know the Home, we can arrange a visit on the last day of your stay.

ESTANCIA BELLO HORIZONTE is a very unusual place, with a wonderful  view of the Amazon Rainforest, which extends as far as you can see – with tropical Trees and Palms. Here the beauty of Nature joins a quietness, which is only disturbed by the noises of various Animals.

ESTANCIA BELLO HORIZONTE contains a majestic “Aguajal” (huge Palm forest ) and a big and beautiful  Spring (water source). This allows us to offer a tourism which encorporates the unusual Biodiversity of the area.

We offer:  Accommodation, meals, transport and various nature excursions.


Position : 20 km (approx 40 minutes) from Puerto Maldonado, direction Brazil (14 km  on the asphalted  Interoceanica  and 6 km of beaten track)